Professional Awards

Organizations may submit their entries in maximum of 4 categories in Professional Awards and 1 for Regional Award.

  • Employee Engagement Award (1 winner)

    This award aims to attract entries from high-performing organizations that are unlocking discretionary effort from staff through effective employee engagement. Judges will look for evidence of respected leadership, high levels of communication, and a strong sense of community that centres on shared values, including measurement data such as employee opinion survey results and turnover rates, to prove the success of strategy and implementation.
  • Learning & Development Award (1 winner)

    This award looks for learning and development interventions that have significantly benefited the organization, particularly if the professionals involved have developed new approaches. Judges will want to see the well-designed, innovative and well-delivered programme, with evidence of improved performance and gains in employee skills and capabilities. Entries should show how training has boosted motivation and helped focus staff on key organizational objectives.
  • Next Generation Development Award (1 winner)

    This award recognizes an organization that has implemented an innovative initiative that increases staff employment and development opportunities for graduates and young employees. Successful entries should demonstrate how their graduate attraction and selection process recruits the most suitable employees; how their young employees learn and develop through focused training and placements; and how these programmes have benefited the organization.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award (1 winner)

    This award identifies organization with the best innovative and most impactful CSR practice. Entries should demonstrate the role of HR has played in the strategy and execution of CSR initiatives. They should demonstrate how CSR makes a difference to employees and the business through measurable results. Judges will be looking for an organization that has embedded CSR strategy throughout the organization and demonstrate its business benefits.
  • Innovative Recruitment Strategy Award (1 winner)

    This award recognizes effective and innovative approaches to the targeting, selection and recruitment of talent at all levels. The judges will look for successful examples of innovative ways of attracting talent to the organization. Relevant to this category are new methods of talent attraction and acquisition, including those around social media; and the measuring and assessing capability and performance of candidates.
  • Innovative Technology Deployment Award (1 winner)

    This award recognizes an organization that is using the latest HR-specific technology to greatest effect, making it a responsive and effective HR operations. The judges will look for outstanding case of employing technology to improve the HR efficiency. Entries should outline the Innovation in the types of technology used, alignment of the use of the technology with the organization’s broader goals and efficiencies gained from use of technology.
  • Workplace Culture Change Award (1 winner)

    Entries of this Award should demonstrate that the organization has undertaken a successful change programme, resulting in clear improvements to the business. Judges will look for examples of HR’s role in managing and embedding change, which might, for example, focus on creating or modifying major structures and processes in the organization. Entries should explain how the programme was successful and its benefits to the business.
  • Leadership Development Award (1 winner)

    This award recognizes organizations that has adopted a proactive approach to leadership development and succession planning. Judges will look for imaginative initiatives which review by HR team and working in conjunction with others in the business. Entries should describe the organization’s unique business practices with respect to develop leadership capability, and explain what action has been taken to identify and nurture key employees in leadership and how this has benefited the organization.
  • Work-Life Balance Award (1 winner)

    This award is for organizations who can demonstrate how specific employee’s health, fitness or wellbeing initiatives are making a positive impact on performance. Judges will look for evidence of the organization’s commitment to staff welfare and the benefits enjoyed by both the employees and the organization. This may be in terms of a positive impact on staff satisfaction, motivation, or productivity.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Award (1 winner)

    This Award recognizes an organization with well-rounded HR strategies which foster a diverse work environment and aim at integrating each individual into the company. Entries are required to indicate the rationales and practices that demonstrate why the D&I strategy was implemented and how it is linked to broader business strategy.
  • Employee Communication Award (1 winner)

    This award celebrates an organization that has demonstrated the most unique, compelling and practical internal or external HR communication strategy. Entries should clearly show that how was the strategy deployed and through what means, as well as how it has strengthened the organization with the evidence of success.
  • Retention Strategy Award (1 winner)

    This award acknowledges an organization that has developed outstanding strategies and practices to improve the workforce stability and productivity effectively. Entries should provide an overview of the strategies and evidence to demonstrate the success of the implementation, such as the impact on employee productivity & retention, staff turnover rate and return on investment.

Appreciation Culture Award (6 winners) – Co-organized with and CSG

This award recognizes the organizations that value employees not only on their doings (performance and contribution), but also equally, if not more, on their beings (inner values and strengths).

Entries of this Award will need to exhibit how such culture is strategically nurtured in the following key areas: People (from mindset to behaviors), Platform (channels for internal / external appreciation collection), Process (how appreciations are being managed) and Promotion (how to spread such culture across).

Asia Pacific Outstanding Employer Award (5 winners) – Co-organized with Guang Zhou Daily

This award recognizes leading organizations with regional and multi-locations presence in Asia Pacific region, which have developed into leading workplaces through practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention. In particular the organization, the award looks for a complementary alignment of strong regional HR strategies and agile localized solutions for effective local market employee recruitment and engagement which makes the company a great place for work for.

Organizations that are currently operating a business in 2 countries within Asia Pacific region are eligible to enter.

Outstanding HR Service Provider Award (5 winners)

This award recognizes service providers in the HR and Talent Management industry that are able to demonstrate how they have developed and executed in partnership with their clients in HR, talent or learning related programs, processes or initiatives efficiently and with significant business improvements in any of the following areas; employee wellness, talent management, learning & development, reward management, sustainability or technology innovation for business processes.

The judges will look for evidence from a solution service provided with contribution in meeting the client’s current and future challenges with measurable outcome.