Why Participate?為何要參加?

As the economy of Hong Kong continues to thrive, the job market competition continues to be fierce. As millennials gradually enter the workforce and technology keep on developing rapidly, they have posed unprecedented opportunities and challenges to human resources. Corporate management and human resources professionals must apply new thinking and strategies to build a thriving workforce and support the development of the organization.


Many companies have carried out various forms of employee surveys. However, they often fail to compare and analyze with the macro market due to lack of consistency. We’ve leveraged our extensive research to design a 45-item diagnostic survey that assesses the extent to which your organization has developed the environmental factors that enable a thriving workplace.

不少企業推行各種形式的僱員調查,但往往缺乏一致性,未能與宏觀市場作比較和分析。我們利用廣泛的研究,設計了一份 45 項全方位問卷調查,評估您的組織開發環境因素的程度,以打造一個更具蓬勃發展力的工作環境以便造就蓬勃發展的工作場所。

Participating in Thrive 45 gives you the opportunity to:參加蓬勃發展45讓您:

  • Measure and understand the level of employee engagement and thrive dimensions
  • Obtain market data that allows you to benchmark against market norms
  • Strengthen brand image as a thriving workplace and attract talents in the market
  • Enter the Thrive45 Workplace Awards
    參與Thrive 45獎項評選
  • Media recognition for winners from media partners

Eligibility 參與資格

To enter the survey:若有意參與調查:

  • You have at least 15 full-time employees in Hong Kong
  • You have operated in Hong Kong for at least two years

To enter the awards:若有意參與Thrive 45蓬勃發展獎項評選:

  • You have at least 30 full-time employees in Hong Kong
  • You have operated in Hong Kong for at least two years
  • You have achieved a 70% participation rate of the sample size invited
    您在受邀的樣本數中需有70% 的參與率



Reports 報告

Thrive 45:THRIVE 45蓬勃發展報告:

  • 45-item diagnostic survey to identify aspects of organizational culture and work environment that enable employees to thrive
  • Comparison to national benchmark
  • Overall company results

Free (Sample Report)免費版本 (報告樣本)

Thrive Insight:Thrive Insight 分析版報告:

In addition to the features provided in the free version, Thrive Insight will also include the following:

  • Deeper Insights into Thrive results
  • Additional data points for internal and external comparisons: demographic groups, item-level results, comments

Fee Applicable (Sample Report)收費版本 (報告樣本)

FAQ 常見問題

Thrive 45 is a diagnostic survey which evaluates the aspects of your organizational environment that are critical to building a thriving organization, forming a thriving workforce and helping employees thrive both professionally and personally. Engagement is only one of the eight enabling factors of a thriving workplace, other elements include: cultural integrity, equitable rewards, organizational agility, compelling careers, responsible leadership, thriving individuals and healthy work environment.

Thrive 45蓬勃發展是一項全方位問卷調查,此項調查從不同工作環境層面對您的組織進行評估,這對建立一個蓬勃發展的組織、打造一個生氣勃勃的僱員團隊以及協助員工在專業和個人方面發揮個人活力和潛力,皆十分重要。敬業度只是促使企業蓬勃發展的八大因素之一,除此之外還有:文化共融、公平奬賞、組織靈活性、事業階梯、領導風格、僱員的活力和健康的工作環境。

It is required for us to collect the following basic employee information: employee name, email address, gender, date of birth, date of hire, job level and job function for data analysis.


Mercer takes reasonable and appropriate measures to protect the privacy of Data Subjects by appropriately safeguarding PI from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction taking into account the risks involved in the processing and the nature of the Personal Data.


Thrive 45 is a free diagnostic survey. Organizations can also consider upgrading their report to uncover more insights about their organization and compare to global benchmark.

Thrive 45蓬勃發展全方位問卷調查不收任何費用。企業客戶亦可選擇付費方案,以取得更深入的分析報告和全球基準比較。

The entire process takes around a month which consists of 2 weeks of survey launch preparation, uploading employee data and communicating with employees. The survey platform will open for two weeks and close after for data analysis. Mercer will then analyse the data and build custom reports for distribution.


An important way to understand company survey results is to compare them to the results of other employers. Industry benchmarking is not available in Thrive 45, but Mercer will provide country benchmarking.

Competitive country benchmarking provides organization a way to evaluate its position within its market. With country benchmarking, results serve as an internal baseline to determine whether organizations meet market standards; to move with market expectations and compete with other employers in the local market.

解讀自身測評結果的重要方式之一就是和其他組織進行基準比較。Thrive 45不會提供行業基準對標,但美世會為企業提供國家層面市場基準對標。


The conditions for entering Thrive Awards include:

  • Only Hong Kong responses will be utilized for the judging criteria
  • You have achieved a 70% participation rate of the sample size invited

參加Thrive 45蓬勃發展獎項的條件包括:

  • 只有香港的樣本會被用作評審標準
  • 您在受邀的樣本數中需有70% 的參與率