The Employer of Choice Award, organized by JobMarket, is a prestigious award honors the very best organizations that have demonstrated superior talent management strategies, programs and HR best practices. Following the success of last year, the Employer of Choice Award 2016 is entering its third year, continues to reward outstanding organizations, celebrate companies that have revolutionized working life in the new era.

The Award honours HR professionals and organizations for their outstanding achievements to HR in the workplace and workforce, enable them to share and showcase successful initiatives and experiences. It highlights excellent work and achievements s of organizations base on quantifiable results.

Benefits of The Award
  • Enhances organization brand image
  • Helps to attract talents and to keep the workforce engaged and motivated, which is essential for business success
  • Raises organization’s visibility in the job market and makes it stand out from talent competition
  • Increases brand exposure in the most credible and highest circulation newspapers and magazines – JobMarket, Sing Tao Daily, Headline Daily, The Standard and East Week Magazine