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How to add extra items?

Job Market has provided you a convenience way to manage your Personal Profile. In some categories, you may have more than one item, such as:

  • Working Experience,
  • Education,
  • Language, and
  • Certificates.
To manage it easily, the system will group it as a block and under each block, you may find a small plus box, e.g. [+] at the bottom of each category, and you may also find the label of that plus box with "Add another job", "Add another certificate" etc.

If those categories have more than 1 item block, you may also find there is a minus box, e.g. [-] under each block items. Unlike plus box that have only one for each category, minus boxes are appeared under each block items if any individual category have more than one. Once you click that minus box, the whole block of item records will be remove immediately.